Heavy Duty Alternator

55SI: Designed for Demanding Loads

55SI Alternator InfographicThe 55SI high output heavy duty alternator is designed to take on the demanding electrical loads of today’s heavy duty vehicles. Thanks to its brushless design, the 55SI alternator has fewer moving parts—meaning less wear and longer life.
The 55SI also provides high efficiency so the engine horsepower requirements are less, which translates into substantial fuel savings. Weighing in at 43 lbs. with an 8 inch frame, the 55SI frees up engine mounting space. It is available in both pad and hinge mounting styles. Finally, with Remote Sense that reduces battery charge time by 50%, we keep you moving and on the road.
The 55SI is available in both 12 volt and 24 volt:

12 volt
  • Produces up to 430 amps
  • Ideal for utility and work trucks, fire trucks and long haul trucks with auxiliary power units
24 volt
  • Produces up to 275 amps
  • Ideal for wheel loaders, graders and mining equipment
Visit our YouTube Channel to watch an animated video about the 55SI
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