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Introducing the 31MT™ Commercial Vehicle Starter

We’re excited to introduce the newest starter in our robust portfolio: the Delco Remy 31MT Starter.
Developed from the 29MT™ design—of which there are more than 1.25 million OE units installed—the 31MT model family provides a wide range of coverage for the Class 6 & 7 commercial vehicle aftermarket. This new starter—which provides 10% more peak power than the competition—is ideal for medium-duty commercial vehicle applications because of its durability and reliability.
“BorgWarner continues to invest in new products for the commercial vehicle business, and the 31MT is especially exciting because it expands our footprint in the medium duty aftermarket,” says Brian Koehlinger, Senior Sales Manager. “The 31MT is ideal for applications that have lots of starts and stops or work in a variety of stressful driving conditions. It offers strength, power, durability—and affordability.”

A Legacy of Reliability
“It was built from a reliable platform—but offers improvements that increase performance (kW output), durability and corrosion resistance,” he explains.
31MT Competitive Comparison 
Key improvements include:
  • Silicon lamination armature increased cranking power
  • Improved commutator and new bearing with O-ring for greater starter durability
  • Stainless brush springs and new plated brush holder for increased corrosion resistance, performance and starter durability
Plus, this model features a positive shift engagement system. In the case of tooth abutment, the armature rotation in full power clears the abutment to allow pinion engagement. The benefit is zero click-no-cranks. This is well suited for high start/stop vehicle applications.
Add New 31MT All-Makes P/Ns to Inventory
Download our new 31MT product brochure today to see application coverage and the top competitor part number cross references.
Ideal Applications
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Waste disposal vehicles
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles
  • School and shuttle buses
  • Tow and haulers
  • Generation sets and compressor units
Specifications Chart for 31MT
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