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Filing Warranty Claims: Fast and Easy

No one likes having to file a warranty claim, so we’ve done our best to make it fast and easy to complete. And it’s all online, which saves time and allows you to check the status of your claim whenever you want.
If you need to file a claim for a warrantied product, follow these steps:


First, you need to register for an account at www.delcoremywarranty.com. It takes just a few minutes to set up an account. 

Warranty Claim Site Screen Capture

  1. Select your customer grouping and click “Register.” There are several customer group options:  
Customer Group Descriptions
IWD Direct Independent warehouse distributors who have an account directly with us. If an IDW files a claim that is warranted, BorgWarner will issue a credit against future orders
Dealer Direct OEM dealers who submit and view warranty claims for Delco Remy products that are outside the OEM Truck Warranty Policy but still within the Delco Remy Genuine Products Warranty Policy.
Fleet Direct Fleets that submit and view warranty claims for Delco Remy products that are outside the OEM Truck Warranty Policy but still within the Delco Remy Genuine Products Warranty Policy. Fleets must be approved by Delco Remy Fleet Managers and are generally added as part of a specification agreement.
OEM Dealer OEM dealers with access to view analysis results and photos taken during analysis for warranty claims filed through their OEM affiliation.
OEM Corporate OEM corporate users with access to view analysis results and photos
taken during analysis for warranty claims filed through their dealer network.
  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. Click the “Submit” button to send your request.
  3. Once you have been set up in our system, you’ll receive an email with your credentials. It generally takes 24-48 hours to confirm and send credentials.

Once you have your credentials, log in to www.delcoremywarranty.com to file or view claims.
  1. Click on the login link under “Warranty Customer Login.”
  2. Enter your credentials. You will be taken to a welcome page with your specific dealer name listed.
  3. To submit claims, click on the link provided. To view an existing claim, click on the link provided.

There are resources on the website to assist you with filing your claim, including shipping information and
warranty guidelines.
  1. Complete the online claim form and click “Add Claim.” The screen will go back to a blank form in case there are additional claims to be filed. Select “Add Claim” after each one. After all claims have been inputted, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Submit Claims.”
  2. After the claims have been submitted electronically, a confirmation email will be sent to the contact’s email address on file. Place a copy of the confirmation email in with the part to be returned. 
  3. Warranty Customer Shipping Screen captureComplete a return shipping label through our website to return the failed part on our shipping account. For shipments over 150 lbs., contact ProTrans Logistics at 888-747-7369 to schedule a pick-up.

The analysis and part disposition will be determined within 30 business days of receipt of the part and claim.
Note: If you prefer to file a paper form, you can download and print a claim form at www.delcoremywarranty.com.
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