Heavy Duty Alternator

Converting an on/off fan drive to a DuroSpeed™ Fan Drive

The DuroSpeed™ K32 Fan Drive is becoming the go-to fan drive for vocational and off-highway truck applications. Designed for harsh vocational applications, DuroSpeed provides reliable performance by having a higher disengaged speed to satisfy cooling demands. In this Tech Tip video, we explain how you can easily convert any BorgWarner K30 or K32 on/off fan drive to a DuroSpeed fan Drive.

Benefits of Oversizing an Alternator

When managing a fleet, the goal is always to get the most out of your equipment. We’ve got an innovative way for you to do just that: oversizing the alternator. Oversizing an alternator is a proven strategy that benefits you in three ways: 1. Fuel Savings 2. Longer Alternator Life 3. Better Battery life In this Tech Tip video, we explore these benefits.

Proper Off-Highway Equipment Washing

Cleaning off-highway equipment is a regular part of maintaining it. But did you know that if you are pressure washing, steam cleaning or using chemical degreasers, you could end up with a problem far worse than dust and dirt if you don’t clean it properly? That problem is corrosion of the starter or alternator. In this Tech Tip, we discuss how to avoid that problem and provide suggestions for how to properly clean and store your equipment.

Diagnosing Starter Systems Equipped with Smart IMS Starter

The diagnostic procedure of a starting system equipped with a Smart IMS is similar to any diagnostic procedure. It’s important to note that some of the Smart IMS features could be misdiagnosed as a starting problem. These features actually help protect the starting system.

Replacing Standard IMS with Smart IMS

With its many advantages, the Smart IMS is being adopted by more and more fleets. This video explains the simple steps to follow when installing a Smart IMS.

How to Use a Manual Voltmeter

A manual voltmeter is a common tool that technicians use.

39MT Circuitos avanzados

El motor de arranque 39MT incluye múltiples características de diseño, claves para asegurar su confiabilidad.

Clocking a Gear Reduction 39MT Starter

The Delco Remy 39MT heavy duty starter rotatable flange models were designed specifically to improve service flexibility and part number consolidation.