Heavy Duty Alternator

Replacing Standard IMS with Smart IMS

With its many advantages, the Smart IMS is being adopted by more and more fleets. This video explains the simple steps to follow when installing a Smart IMS.

How to Use a Manual Voltmeter

A manual voltmeter is a common tool that technicians use.

39MT Circuitos avanzados

El motor de arranque 39MT incluye múltiples características de diseño, claves para asegurar su confiabilidad.

Clocking a Gear Reduction 39MT Starter

The Delco Remy 39MT heavy duty starter rotatable flange models were designed specifically to improve service flexibility and part number consolidation.

Alternator Mounting Holes

Sometimes the front and back mounting holes on a pad mount alternator are different sizes.

Differentiating Between Alternator Mounting Configurations

There are many different alternator mounting positions and belt configurations on heavy duty diesel engines today.

Starting Motor Gear Differences

Have you ever gone to replace a starting motor and discovered that the recommended replacement starter has a different pinion than the original unit?

Proper Replacement Procedure for Remote Sense Alternators

In this Tech Tip video we explain the proper way to remove and replace alternators equipped with remote sense.