Heavy Duty Alternator

Visctronic® + XD11 = The Solution

Our independent warehouse distributors can now add BorgWarner thermal products—new OE service—to their weekly Delco Remy® branded rotating electrics order. The product offering provides 75-80% coverage of the North America market and will only continue to grow.
Two of the thermal product offerings—the Visctronic® fan drive and XD11 fan—are designed specifically for Navistar applications, making them useful to customers experiencing field issues. The Visctronic with an XD11 fan can be used as a drop-in replacement module for 2010-2013 Prostar 13L applications. It utilizes the same shaft mount configuration, eliminating the need for complicated conversions. Plus, the Visctronic comes programmed to operate with the existing truck calibration.

Visctronic Fan Drives
  • Precise fan speed control: ECU closed loop control optimizes fan speed for improved fuel economy and horsepower availability
  • Quiet fan operation: Smooth fully variable control decreases noise and vibration for reduced driver fatigue and improved cooling system durability
  • Low parasitic drag at fan idle speed: Results in increased efficiency
  • Maintenance free: Self-contained unit, nothing to service or maintain
  • Proven, reliable technology: Invented by BorgWarner and in production for decades
XD11 Fans
  • Superior performance
  • Meets the peak truck cooling requirements globally
  • Best cooling performance at low rpms, using Visctronic fan drives
Ask for:  
Visctronic 882B
Part #10025195EA
XD11 Fan
Part #F10026097
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