Heavy Duty Alternator

Tech Tip: Cleaning Off-Highway Equipment to Avoid Water Damage, Corrosion

In this Tech Tip, we discuss how to properly clean and store your equipment to avoid possible damage to the starter or alternator.

Tech Tip: Diagnosing Starting Systems Equipped with Smart IMS

In this tech tip we review the diagnostic procedure of a starting system equipped with a Smart IMS starter. Some of the Smart IMS features could be misdiagnosed as a starting problem.

Tech Tip: Installing the Smart IMS

You’ll find that many of the steps are like any IMS replacement. However, with a Smart IMS, there is an additional lead to be terminated to the motor terminal.

Tech Tip: Combating Cold Weather Problems

With colder temperatures come a number of cold weather problems. These two Tech Tips provide useful suggestions to help keep your truck running during the winter.

Tech Tip: Starting Motor Gear Differences

Have you ever gone to replace a starting motor and discovered that the recommended replacement starter has a different pinion than the original unit?

Tech Tip: Removing and Replacing Alternators with Remote Sense

In this Tech Tip video, we explain the proper way to remove and replace alternators equipped with remote sense.