Heavy Duty Alternator

How to Install an Alternator Pulley

Proper installation of the pulley on a Delco Remy 24SI and 28SI ensures that the product will perform as promised. Unfortunately, damaged products are returned as a result of improper pulley installation. This shows you how to install a pulley in six simple steps.

Understanding Different Starter Engagement Types

A starter engagement system is responsible for engaging the pinion with the ring gear, keeping the pinion engaged while cranking, and disengaging the pinion after the engine starts. There are three different types of starter engagement systems that can be used in vehicles: positive shift, soft start, and indexing drive. In this tech tip video, we walk through how each works, as well as where it's most likely to be used.

High-Output Alternators for Liftgates

Liftgates are an important tool on many trucks and trailers—however, they can quickly deplete the batteries used to operate them.Like other components, a liftgate adds to a truck’s electrical load. If the alternator is not equipped to handle the load, it can result in several issues, including: low battery state of charge, reduced battery life, poor liftgate operation, and possible starting issues. In this video, we review tips you should consider when selecting an alternator for your vehicle.

Top 3 Claims Not Covered by Warranty

No one likes having to file a warranty claim, so we’ve done our best to make it fast and easy—and that starts with helping you understand what’s covered and what’s not. In this video we cover the top 3 claims not covered by warranty: 1. Trouble Not Found 2. Prolonged Power Applied/Extended Abutment 3. External Circuit Control Issues

Dual Input IMS Starter

If you service newer trucks, you may have come across ones equipped with a dual input IMS starter. It is important to be aware of it so you can understand how it’s different so you can service it correctly. The dual input IMS starter has two wiring connection inputs, rather than one. These inputs provide both power (+12V) and ground. Together, they give the vehicle control over the power flowing in and out of the IMS when it is energized. This Tech Tip video reviews the differences between a dual input and single input IMS starter.

Troubleshooting Starter Cranking Problems

When there are starter issues, you may think about doing a current draw test to pinpoint the issue. Yet, on a class 8 truck, a current draw test may not reveal what you need to know to fix your cranking problem. Plus, on these vehicles, a current draw test is more involved and time-intensive. And perhaps most frustrating—you often don’t get an accurate reading. That’s why the BorgWarner technical team recommends another diagnostic route to identify the issue and fix the cranking problem.

Measuring Alternator Current Draw

Measuring the current draw is the best way to ensure the alternator has sufficient output for all of the vehicle’s electrical demands. This video walks you through the steps to measure the current draw for a school bus.

Converting an on/off fan drive to a DuroSpeed™ Fan Drive

The DuroSpeed™ K32 Fan Drive is becoming the go-to fan drive for vocational and off-highway truck applications. Designed for harsh vocational applications, DuroSpeed provides reliable performance by having a higher disengaged speed to satisfy cooling demands. In this Tech Tip video, we explain how you can easily convert any BorgWarner K30 or K32 on/off fan drive to a DuroSpeed fan Drive.

Benefits of Oversizing an Alternator

When managing a fleet, the goal is always to get the most out of your equipment. We’ve got an innovative way for you to do just that: oversizing the alternator. Oversizing an alternator is a proven strategy that benefits you in three ways: 1. Fuel Savings 2. Longer Alternator Life 3. Better Battery life In this Tech Tip video, we explore these benefits.