Heavy Duty Alternator

Proper Replacement Procedure for Remote Sense Alternators

In this Tech Tip video we explain the proper way to remove and replace alternators equipped with remote sense.

Understanding Starter Motor Mounting

This video explains the variation and also explains why the mounting register between the starter and drive housing is important.

Measuring Flange to Flywheel

In this Tech Tip, we’ll review how starter spacers are utilized as well as how to measure the starter flange to flywheel so that during any maintenance, the starter is properly mounted and performs as designed.

Remote Sense Operation and System Testing

This Tech Tip reviews how the use of Remote Sense can impact diagnosing voltage complaints.

Relationship Between Alternator and Batteries

The vehicle charging system is comprised of three components: the alternator, the batteries and the cables that connect them all together.

How to Use an Auto-Ranging Voltmeter

An auto-ranging voltmeter is a common tool that technicians use.