Heavy Duty Alternator

Sales and Support: A Distinct Advantage

When our customers choose Delco Remy products, they get much more than just a powerful starter or alternator. One of our hallmark advantages is the comprehensive service we provide. That's why our team of regional sales and service managers crisscrosses the United States and Canada meeting with aftermarket dealers and distributors. (Click here for enlarged Regional Manager Territories map.)

On average, our team members are on the road more than 200 days a year. Why? Because we still believe there’s no substitute for personal contact. When we visit our aftermarket network, we’re able to ask about your needs and then work to resolve your issues and help you proactively prepare for future projects.

Other ways we support aftermarket customers

• All Makes Program: With our All Makes Program, our new rotatable flange design covers virtually all makes. That means with just a few part numbers, you can provide your heavy duty customers with a solution that’s guaranteed to provide both the output and reliability they need.

• Tech Helpline: When you have a technical question, you want to speak directly to the person who can answer it. Our experienced technicians are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., EST at 1-800-372-0222.

• Direct Extended Warranty Reimbursement: Dealers and distributers can contact us directly for reimbursement. We see no value in making our dealers and distributers work back through the original equipment manufacturer to get reimbursed from the supplier. That only costs extra time and money.
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