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Randy Andis: Truly One-of-a-Kind

The face of Delco Remy.

These are just some of the ways colleagues describe Commercial Vehicle Sales Director Randy Andis, who is retiring at the end of June after 49 years devoted to the company.

Randy’s career with the company began in 1973. As a young man on the brink of adulthood, he was trying to figure out his next steps. He learned that Delco Remy—then a division of General Motors—was offering a college co-op program. Randy decided to enroll and spent the next 4-5 years getting a degree and working at the same time.

After graduation, he was initially assigned to a supervisory role in manufacturing. “It was really helpful to understand that side of the business,” he says. “It helped inform a lot of decisions moving forward.”

While his assignment in manufacturing gave him invaluable experience, Randy knew that side of the business wasn’t where he wanted to stay. “I realized early that I wanted to be closer to people,” he shares. “That energizes me, and it’s where I can invest in the business and grow others.”

By the early 1980s, he’d moved into a role better suited for his relational personality. He was serving as an account manager for OEMs and off-road highway applications, including Cummins and Caterpillar.

Launching Industry-Changing Reman Program
By the end of the decade, Randy was serving as the heavy duty sales manager for the brand. It was during this time that he made one of his most significant contributions to the business and the commercial vehicle industry: the reman program.

“Randy has long been known as the leader who really expanded our focus beyond OE,” says Nick Tosie, National Sales Manager, Aftermarket - US & Canada. “And the heavy duty reman program was one of the first ways he did that. It changed the way we did business.” Randy agrees: “It really changed the industry in terms of product availability.”

Gaining a New Perspective
Randy continued in the heavy duty division into the 1990s. In 1996, looking for a new challenge, he took a position leading a Freightliner dealership. Randy’s time at Freightliner was instrumental to how he’d eventually bring more innovation to the Delco Remy sales and service teams.

“My time at Freightliner was key to my own growth and that of Delco Remy,” Randy says. “I had education and my time in the factory, with OEMs and heavy duty. But I didn’t really understand fleet customers and retail sales until I worked for Freightliner. This caused me to rethink how we service our fleet customers.”

It also gave him a point of distinction: Randy is one of just a few people in the entire commercial vehicle industry whose career experience reaches from manufacturing through every point in the distribution channel—giving him unique perspective and knowledge that helps with day-to-day operations and long-term planning.

Rethinking How Fleets were Serviced
After his time with Freightliner, Randy returned to the company in 2001. It was an exciting time—the introduction of the gear reduction starter happened in the early 2000s and transformed several Delco Remy product lines and the industry overall.

By the middle of the decade, Randy was serving as aftermarket National Fleet Manager and, eventually, heading up CV OE/OES Sales. It’s this segment that Randy’s lived and loved ever since. With his experience at Freightliner top of mind, Randy set about rethinking how the company services fleet customers. The result was the fleet field team.

“Randy helped us see that fleet is our business, too,” said Nick, “and the rest of the industry copied.”

Building Up a Strong Team
Randy’s greatest contributions, though, were internal—with his people. He’s intentionally mentored his team so they could grow to be the best they can be. The examples are many, but here is what some of his current employees say they have learned from him:
  • “We’re a service and sales team,” says Brian Thompson, National Fleet Manager, “but Randy helped us see we’re more service than sales. He taught us to bring that perspective into our relationships. He always explains how and why we do things the way we do.”
  • “I am an engineer by training and really more of an introvert,” says Brian Koehlinger, Senior Sales Manager. “Randy pushed me to build relationships and meet with customers, and it really helped me to grow in this role.”
  • “I was young and aggressive when I started,” Nick recalls. “Randy helped me understand the importance of patience and playing the long game.”
  • “He’s a really good communicator,” says Rhonda Stephens, Sales Assistant. “We’ve learned a lot from him about communicating well to build relationships.”
A Future of Possibilities
It’s no surprise that Randy’s had such an impact on the people he’s worked with. Way back when he was in manufacturing, he knew he wanted to be close to people and help them grow. And today, when asked what he’s most proud of during his career, Randy quickly answered: “The friendships and relationships.”

The feeling is mutual. We’ll miss Randy’s wisdom, advice and never-give-up attitude.

But we’re also excited for his next phase, which in the short-term includes summer lake days and time with family in Indiana and Texas. Randy’s unsure of his longer-term plans; but, as we all know, with Randy, the possibilities are limitless!
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