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Smart Starter Technology Added to High-Volume Aftermarket Starters

Work smarter, not harder.

That’s exactly what our starters with the Smart Starter technology do! And now there’s even more part numbers available for the aftermarket.

Our new Smart Starters have the Smart Integrated Magnetic Switch (IMS) plus the Integrated Overcrank Protection (IOCP). Current versions have an external OCP. In addition to updating the original Smart IMS part numbers to the newer Smart Starter ones, we’re adding more part numbers for the aftermarket.

“The Smart Starter is an ideal solution if you have customers or a fleet population with repeated warranty claims due to operator error,” says Brian Koehlinger, Senior Sales Manager. “It’s designed to eliminate the six most common failure modes that are often due to operator error. That means it also prevents costly repair or replacement costs.”

The protective feature has been added to seven of the most popular Delco Remy starters. Additionally, because it’s backwards compatible, it can be used on a new truck or an older vehicle.

How Smart Starters Cut Down on System Errors
Smart IMS technology protects against common failure modes. For each failure mode, there is a protection feature in the Smart IMS to counter it and prevent the failure from occurring.

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