Heavy Duty Alternator

Reduce Starter Inventory with the 39MT Heavy Duty Starter

Tired of dealing with a starter inventory of 10 or more part numbers? How about the costs of maintaining such varied stock? We can eliminate that hassle—and still give you the flexibility you need to service all of your customers’ starter needs. 
The 39MT All Makes Program—our second-to-none aftermarket offering featuring the new rotatable flange design—covers virtually all makes of engines and truck models. That means you consolidate your starter inventory to just three part numbers. And the advantages are plenty:
  • Less hassle
  • Consolidated inventory
  • Fewer costs
  • Greater flexibility
Clearly, there are many ways the all makes program can benefit you as a dealer or distributor, but what about your customers?
Not only will they get a quality product from a proven industry leader, but your customers also will like the fact that the part numbers in the all makes program are all covered by Delco Remy’s three-year, unlimited mile warranty.


       In peak power output at -20°C testing,                    The Delco Remy 39MT engine cranking 
       the Delco Remy 39MT not only met but                    speed (RPM) is 30% faster than other         
       exceeded the competition handsdown.                     starters on the market.    

Want to learn more about the 39MT? Visit the 39MT product page.
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