Heavy Duty Alternator

Tech Tip: Bigger doesn't Always Mean Better

With the cold weather months upon us, starting up trucks can be a concern. Having the right size of battery is vital to supplying the necessary cold cranking amps (CCA). And bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.
“It’s not uncommon for someone to select a battery above the recommended battery size,” explains Marcos Naby, a field trainer in Tech Support. “People often think a larger size battery will provide them with even more power to crank up their truck.”
But that could be a mistake.
Going up too high in battery CCAs could potentially cause damage. Too much power could place excessive heat in the solenoid—and cause even bigger problems with the starter.
Below are the maximum battery sizes and quantities we recommend. If you have questions, call our Technical Support Center at 1-800-372-0222 for assistance.
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