Heavy Duty Alternator

Introducing the 35MT Starter

More Power, Smaller Package, Patented Technology 
Medium duty applications can now have more power in a smaller package with the Delco Remy 35MT. The starter—ideal for applications on school buses, delivery trucks, utility vehicles, ambulances, etc.—has everything your customers need. Additionally, the 35MT is suitable for diesel engines up to 9 liters.

  • High power density that provides the torque your customers demand. 

  • Innovative Internal Magnetic Switch Solenoid
    IMSS is a patented, one-wire design integrated right inside the solenoid that extends product life by reducing corrosion and vibration issues.

  • Compact design that minimizes packaging and simplifies installation.

  • Increased reliability and less wear-and-tear due to the electrical soft-start that consistently and accurately engages the pinion with the ring gear.

  • Warranty for one year, unlimited miles.

  • Cranks 10% faster than the competition.  

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