Heavy Duty Alternator

24V Program: Off-Highway Applications

Remy has launched a 24V program that features high efficiency alternators and fast-cranking starters for off-highway applications, including construction equipment.

This new program offers 120 part number cross-references targeting high volume applications with only 26 Delco Remy numbers. Eight newly released Delco Remy part numbers directly replace 28 competitive numbers.

The following Delco Remy alternators and starters are included in this program:

  • Alternators: 20SI™, 24SI™, 26SI™, 33SI™, 34SI™, 36SI™ and 40SI™

  • Starters: 38MT™, 39MT™, 41MT™, 42MT™ and 50MT™

“This offering includes several products that our customers have relied upon for many years, as well as our new 24 volt, 160 amperage 40SI,” says Brian Koehlinger, Product Line Director for Aftermarket Products. “The products meet or exceed all OE specifications—and they are available at competitive market prices.”

For many years, Remy has been developing and improving our off-highway starter and alternator offering, testing them in real-life scenarios. Through years of service, they have proven to be durable, efficient and reliable in the most severe off-highway applications.

All of these products are backed by Remy’s warranty, technical support, customer service and field sales network.

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