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New Sprinter Van Program Available in 2016

We are expanding our coverage once again with the introduction of a new Sprinter Van program. Anchored on the Delco Remy 18SI™ Alternator, the program provides customers with a high-quality, high-output option for Sprinter Vans.

Two new 18SI part numbers provide a full 10 years of coverage for Sprinter Vans:
• #8600658: Vehicles manufactured from 2002-2007
• #8600763: Vehicles manufactured from 2008-2012

The 18SI offers a number of clear advantages:
• Maximum performance: Rated at 175 amps, the 18SI provides considerably more power than the standard alternator at road and low engine idle speeds. As a result, the 18SI can recharge batteries quicker and handle greater electrical loads—a key consideration as companies frequently equip these vans with additional auxiliary power requirements.
• Efficiency: The 18SI rates higher in efficiency than the standard unit. This translates to measurable fuel savings.
• Durability: The 18SI’s patented DE bearing protection system helps prevent contamination from road splash. Additionally, long-life brushes are designed to extend the life of the unit.
• OE level quality: The 18SI—which is new service/no core—is built on the OE production line, complying with the same stringent standards set for all Delco Remy OE products.
• Easy installation: Replacing the existing alternator with the new 18SI is a seamless, simple, drop-in replacement.

Did You Know?

We also offer further coverage for the Sprinter Van market with the Remy light duty reman starter offering. These products are remanufactured to OE specs and use OE-quality components that ensure the performance and reliability of a new service part. Our starter offering matches the same 10 years of coverage as Sprinter Van 18SI alternators.

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