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Tech Tip: Starter Drainage Holes

When installing a new starter, you must be aware of the location of the drainage holes. The location of the drainage holes varies from model to model. If the drainage holes aren’t in the right location, the starter can take on water. With no way to drain, water causes corrosion of the solenoid and contaminates the starter. All of this can lead to early failure.
Delco Remy 35MTTM
The Delco Remy 35MT model has a single drain tube on the bottom side of the starter. This must be facing down so that water does not enter the

Delco Remy 38MTTM and 39MTTM
Both the Delco Remy 38MT and 39MT models have six drain holes. When installing either model, you need to make sure that at least one drain hole is facing down. Typically, this will mean that the solenoid is on the top of the starter. However, there are some starter models that have the six drain holes located on the same side as the solenoid. In these instances, the solenoid will be mounted in the down position.
Additionally, many of the 39MT models have a rotatable, flange mounting ring. When rotating the flange, keep in mind the location of the drain holes when you are ready to install the starter.

Delco Remy 42MTTM
On the Delco Remy 42MT straight drive starters, some applications have a drain hole located in the lever housing. These starters will never be used on a wet clutch application. These are only used on dry clutch applications. If installing a 42MT with a drain hole, the solenoid will be in the down position.

For further diagnostics, troubleshooting or other questions, contact the Delco Remy Technical Support Center at 1-800-372-0222.

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