Heavy Duty Alternator

55SI: Power Density and Efficiency at its Finest

24 volt now available in J180 mount (8600564)                            55SI-pad-mount-(3).png
When you need the most power possible, nothing but the Delco Remy 55SI alternator will do. The 55SI is the highest  output Delco Remy alternator—not to mention the highest output machine in its class. With powerful performance, a compact size and high efficiency, this heavy duty alternator is unmatched in the market today. And, now, the 55SI 24 volt is also available in the J180 mount. A 12 volt version in this mount style will be available later this year.

12 and 24 volt options
Designed for vehicles with significant electrical loads, the 55SI is available in both 12 and 24 volts and used on a number of applications where maximum alternator performance is required.

12 Volt
  • Used on utility/work trucks to power inverters, plug-in power tools, lights and other electrical equipment
  • Ideal for highway trucks with multiple battery auxiliary power units
  • Replacement for a dual alternator system to free up space under the hood for other accessories
24 Volt
  • Used on wheel loaders, graders, mining equipment and other off-highway vehicles
  • 250 and 275 amp models provide high output performance at engine idle for applications with significant electrical loads

Triptech-PicSmallest.pngNow and in the future
While the 55SI offers customers many benefits today, one of its most attractive features is its future readiness. It was purposely designed to handle today’s electrical needs as well as what’s to come in
the next several years for commercial vehicles.

Features and Benefits
  • Powerful performance: 12 volt, 430 amp and 24 volt, 250 and 275 amp models provide high output performance at engine idle for applications with significant electrical loads.
  • Brushless design: Fewer moving parts provide less wear-and-tear and a longer life.
  • High efficiency rating: There’s less engine horsepower requirements and more fuel savings, thanks to its industry-high 80% efficiency rating.
  • Smart cooling: With a clockwise fan rotation, the 55SI can take the heat of fierce, under-the-hood temperatures.
  • Remote sense: This innovative feature can reduce battery charge time by 50%.
  • Compact size: Weighing in at 43 pounds with the frame length of only 8 inches, the 55SI’s size opens up more engine mounting space.
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