Heavy Duty Alternator

Reduce Inventory with All-Makes Replacement Parts

You can simplify your Mitsubishi inventory and cut your starter SKUs in half by converting to genuine Delco Remy starters. Our all-makes replacement part numbers help you reduce your starter SKUs from 30 to 15, providing a cost-savings and greater ease.

“The main reason our aftermarket parts program can reduce inventory is because of our 39MTTM all-makes starter with rotatable flange. This allows you to mount the starter on either side of the engine, whereas other manufacturers require at least two different part numbers.” —Tim Borum, Regional Sales/Service Manager

Learn more from Tim in our latest video on the BorgWarner YouTube channel. In the video,
he talks about:
  • 39MT advantages
  • 38MT™+ features
  • Overcrank Protection (OCP)
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