Heavy Duty Alternator

Heavy Duty Alternators Handle the Heat

Fire trucks have significant electrical loads today and must have alternators that are up to the job. You can count on Delco Remy High Output Brushless Alternators to provide the power needed—when seconds count and lives are on the line.

The Delco Remy 55SITM and 40SITM Heavy Duty alternators are packed with valuable features—like a brushless design and remote sense—that allow them to:
  • Survive fierce, under-the-hood temperatures
  • Maintain high output performance at engine idle
  • Last longer and have less wear-and-tear
Proven Track Record
The 55SI and 40SI have been serving this market for a long time—and have a proven track record that shows why!

“The 55SI was initially created for a major off-highway equipment manufacturer,” says Dayne Dasher, Senior Applications Engineer. “So, it was designed with robustness in mind with its hairpin stator design and strength of frame. The 40SI is a scaled down version—made to the same quality. And for the product quality and cost, there’s nothing close to it!”

Dasher says that in the 15 years the 55SI has been on the market, only a handful have ever been returned. “They are made to last—and we have the data to show that.”

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