Heavy Duty Alternator

Tech Tip: High-Output Alternators for Liftgates

Liftgates are an important tool on many trucks and trailers— however, they can quickly deplete the batteries used to operate them.

Like other components, a liftgate adds to a truck’s electrical load. If the alternator is not equipped to handle the load, it can result in several issues, including:
  • Low battery state of charge
  • Reduced battery life
  • Poor liftgate operation
  • Possible starting problems

To get the most out of your liftgate and other equipment, we recommend oversizing the alternator. An alternator runs most efficiently when it’s operating between 35 to 50 percent of the rated output. A more efficient operating alternator decreases fuel consumption and can increase alternator life.

An oversized alternator produces more output at lower speeds, including idle. It also provides more power for electrical loads and charging batteries. Increased battery state of charge can translate into improved liftgate performance and battery life.

Learn more in our recent tech tip video.
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