Heavy Duty Alternator

Alternator Selection Made Easy

When it’s time to replace your alternator or upgrade to another model, you want to evaluate all of yourAlternatorSelectionGuide.jpg options and see how they stack up against one another. Our new Delco Remy Alternator Selector Guide makes it easy.

The guide provides a comparison chart of the top-selling Delco Remy alternators, outlining factors such as:
  • Mounting types
  • Special features
  • Amperage output
  • Peak efficiency
  • Specification
  • Warranty
“The Alternator Selection Guide is an all-in-one tool that allows our customers to more easily compare models,” says Ed Clayton, Regional Sales Manager. “It brings all the pertinent technical data together for a quick reference for customers as they are trying to decide on a replacement model or upgrade option.”

Clayton says the guide—which also explains mounting types, spotlights key features and provides basic education—has already been really useful in the field and is a helpful tool for parts and service counter staff as well.
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