Heavy Duty Alternator

Catalog Upgrade: Enhanced Product Shots

Our online catalog just got better! Our top-selling 150 parts numbers now have enhanced product shots, allowing users to view products from the front, back and side.

“These enhanced images give customers a visual look at what’s in the product box they’re going to receive,” says Brian Koehlinger, Senior Sales Manager, PHINIA.

Todd Harbin, Catalog Specialist, who manages the Delco Remy Tech Line, says he’s already seeing how the upgrade is making the parts selection process easier and more clear for customers.

“By being able to view an image of an exact part number versus just the standard model gives our customers more confidence and clarity in their ordering,” he says.

Harbin says plans are underway to add enhanced product views for the remainder of the part numbers in the catalog. Plus, 360-view photos will be added in the future to further enhance the customer experience.

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