Heavy Duty Alternator

50DN: Coolest Alternator for the Transit Market

Which would you choose: the original or the copy? In most cases, you’d pick the original for its innovation and smart design. And that’s why the 50DN remains the leading alternator for bus and transit applications.

Proven, effective cooling design

The 50DN is the original—a first-in-class product widely popularized for its high output performance and unique oil cooling design. But what’s even more noteworthy about the 50DN is that it remains a viable solution today for transit companies across the country.

               50DN Belt Drive                            50DN Gear Drive     

“The 50DN alternator design is still the most effective and efficient way to cool down the alternator electronics under high electrical loads,” explains Tim Barnes, Delco Remy Product Manager. “This is invaluable as it directly impacts the durability, life and performance of the alternator.”

Service and repair flexibility
Additionally, the 50DN continues to be both easy and cost-effective to repair and service. And because it is supported by the industry’s largest dealer and distributor network, transit companies have accessibility to parts and service should repair needs arise.

Performance power
Not surprisingly, the 50DN is commonly referred to as a workhorse in the industry. It delivers 80 percent of its power at engine idle—which is extremely important since that’s where transit bus applications spend a majority of their operating time by nature of their function.

The “original workhorse” just got even better with the 24 volt 50DN, which provides an industry-leading output of 450 amps. “Today’s electrical loads continue to grow, so it’s vital that the alternator can handle these larger loads. The 450 amps ensures we can not only meet - but exceed - customer requirements,” adds Barnes.

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