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Looking for the Next SuperTech

They’re the best of the best in their field. And they are once again coming in droves to compete in a national skills competition for the title of SuperTech.

The SuperTech competition started seven years ago when the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC), a branch of the American Trucking Association’s maintenance division, created SuperTech: the first national skills competition for commercial vehicle technicians. Today, SuperTech occurs every fall in conjunction with the TMC annual meeting.

The two-day competition kicks off with approximately 130 entrants taking a comprehensive written exam to measure their technical know-how. Only the top 96 scorers are allowed to move on to the second day, which consists of 16 hands-on skills stations – comprising more than 8 hours of intense testing – to determine the winning SuperTech.
TMC SuperTech 2011 in Raleigh, NC

All competitors are well-seasoned technicians who qualified for the TMC SuperTech Competition by winning their state or company competitions. We’re proud to say that many of these competitors are Remy customers, representing companies such as FedEx, Ryder, Walmart and others.

In addition to cheering on our customers, Remy is involved as a sponsor of the starting and charging hands-on skill station. Throughout the day, six technicians at a time compete by completing a written test, troubleshooting boards bugged with problems, and conducting diagnostics on trucks—all in 22 minutes!

Before the SuperTech competition officially begins, Remy helps conduct intense day-long boot camps that prepare technicians for the written portion of the competition. Our instructors cover a variety of topics, including electricity, ohms law, circuit math and other skills. In fact, at last year’s competition, two of the participants Remy helped prepare ended up placing second and third in the overall championship.

We attend SuperTech not only to share our knowledge and expertise, but also because we value the growth of these technicians. We firmly believe that many of tomorrow’s fleet managers and decision makers will come from these highly motivated and talented technicians—an end result that’s nothing less than super.
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