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The Remy Evolution: The Power of One

Throughout the past few months, we’ve been rethinking how rotating electrical components are conceived, designed, built, supported and marketed. Most of all, we’ve been rethinking how to best serve you—the customer.

The result is the Power of One. And it puts you in the driver’s seat.

A company-wide initiative, the Power of One consolidates all of Remy’s aftermarket operations into a single-source, customer-driven supply channel for light-, medium- and heavy-duty rotating electrics, including our Delco Remy aftermarket offerings. Best of all, it makes doing business with us easier. 
By creating a seamless customer-facing entity, we’ll be able to provide you with unparalleled customer support—support that is convenient and simple through oneaccount number, one point of contact, oneservice location, one website and onecatalog.
How can we achieve this?
Remy has a singular focus: rotating electrics. And we are one of the few global suppliers of aftermarket rotating electrics with an OE expertise. All this uniquely positions us to deliver best-in-class aftermarket portfolio of products with the latest technology.
Becoming One
The Power of One will come together over the course of the coming year. Changes will build upon one another so that by year’s end, all functions will be consolidated into one complete system. For more information, check out our Power of One timeline below, or visit www.sandersnet.com/ftp/PowerOfOne to watch our full press conference announcement.
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