Heavy Duty Alternator

Delco Remy 28SI: Reliable, Durable, Built to Last

28SI InfographicIf you need a bulletproof alternator solution for your school bus or city truck, the Delco Remy 28SITM is about as close as you can get, says Application Engineering Manager Rob Steele. 

The 28SI is about as durable and reliable as they come,” says Steele. “In addition to the reliability of this unit, it is designed to be resistant to the environmental and operating conditions that can impact the product life.”

The 28SI—and all Delco Remy starters and alternators—are subjected to strenuous OEM standards and internal durability and environmental testing to ensure that they’ll work on a truck without early replacement or failure.

As the smallest, lightest and highest performing alternator in the 200-amp range, the 28SI fits on virtually all medium and heavy duty engine applications It is standard position on all Freightliner and Western Star trucks and the Navistar IC Bus. It is also available as an option at all OEMs in North America Common applications include school buses, delivery trucks and other vocational use vehicles.

  • High output: Superior output, producing up to 200 amps at road speed and 140 amps at idle.
  • OE-approved and proven: Ensuring OE quality, reliability and performance for aftermarket replacements.
  • Improved temperature capabilities: Designed with dual internal fans that provide maximum cooling and, ultimately, improve operating efficiency, reliability and durability.
  • Efficient: High efficiency for increased fuel economy, coupled with Remote Sense, can reduce battery recharge time by 50%.
  • Greater corrosion and vibration-resistance: Designed with heavy-duty materials and innovative features to protect against vibration and corrosion—two of the biggest “killers” of rotating electrics.
  • Warranty:
    • School bus: 2 year/unlimited miles*
    • All other vehicles: 1 year/unlimited miles*
*U.S. and Canada only

Delco Remy 28SI: Reliable,Durable, Built to Last Highest Performer in its Class


Click here to learn more about the 28SI. You can download the 28SI brochure in English or Spanish, access installation  instructions or search for service parts by visiting our 28SI product page.

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