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Tech Tip: Core Return Center - How to Receive Credit for Your Core Returns

Our Core Return Center, based in Taylorsville, MS, is responsible for the administration of all heavy duty core returns. Following the core acceptance standard will help ensure you are properly credited for your return. The core must be assembled and should not be corroded. Additionally, it must be a Delco Remy starter or alternator. 

We will not reject cores for the following defects:
  • Damaged, cracked, broken or missing parts
  • Egg-shaped mounting or bushing holes
  • Missing fan or pulley
  • Damaged threads
  • Mushroomed alternator shaft ends
  • Seized starter armatures
When you send cores to us, proper identification of the products in your shipment is key. Following these simple steps will help ensure your paperwork and shipment match. For each product, you should:
  1. Determine if the product is an alternator or starter.
  2. Select the core group (36SI, 39MT, etc.). If the product number is still visible, input that into our online catalog. This will help you identify the product. Our online Core Identification Guide also is a helpful tool for identifying the product.
Core Return Center Image
Once the core reaches our dock, we process all cores in one to two business days using the following process to ensure an accurate evaluation:Assign a unique ID number to the shipment and packing list
  • Sort by core group, amperage and voltage
  • Count the total cores returned
  • Match the actual returned count to the packing list
  • Input core return information into the center’s information system
  • Reconcile what was shipped with what was received and communicate with the customer
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Watch our most recent Tech Tip videos to learn more about the Core Return Center and some of the Most Common Misidentified Cores


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